Tulis McCall’s All In Good Time is playing at The Playroom Theatre, December 11 and 12.
Award-winning wit, wag, and piquant observer of life’s mysterious ways, McCall sets her sites on the greatest mystery of all: death, and how to live with it. When she suddenly sees a woman of a certain age staring back from her mirror, she demands to know how and when that broad got in there, and if she’s leaving anytime soon. Jon Lonoff directs.
Brilliant and totally unique thinker. Hilarious… touching and provocative. – Robert Creighton, Star of CAGNEY and FROZEN
Frank, funny, and refreshingly honest…feels both familiar and terrifying. – Plays to See
A passionate and strong playwright and performer not to be missed! – Stage Buddy
Tulis is crazy…like a fox, and her sly performance offers a frenzy of hard truths and hilarious proclamations. – The Front Row Center
Original, funny, insightful and moving. – Angelina Fiordellisi, Cherry Lane Theater
Tulis McCall is an actor/writer/producer and performer, and the recipient of the 2015 Best Storytelling Script Award from UNITED SOLO™ for her show All Aboard!, as well as the 2016 Best Standup Award for Are You Serious? – A Woman of a Certain Age Inquires. For almost 10 years she has hosted Monologues and Madness, an evening of original works read by 12-15 actors, held each month at the Cornelia Street Café in Greenwich Village. She publishes the theatre review site www.thefrontrowcenter.com
The author of two previous one-person shows, What Everywoman Knows – A Historical Comedy, featuring the true and often neglected stories of our foremothers – was produced at the Public Theatre in New York by Michael Moriarty and the Potters Field Theatre Company, and at the West Coast Ensemble in Los Angeles by Dan Lauria, Joanna Kerns and Peter Gatien.  She has toured this play across college campuses and high schools in over 40 states. Her second one-person show, Running With Scissors – stories of contemporary urban lives – was directed by Philip Proctor of the Firesign Theatre and became Critic’s Choice of both the L.A. Weekly and Backstage West.  She thinks the theatre is a temple.  Period.
Jon Lonoff is an award-winning director/writer, whose efforts have been seen on stages and screens throughout the world.  His work includes stage adaptations of classics (“Gammer Gurton’s Needles” and Boccaccio’s “Decameron”), musical revues (“The Garbage Cantata,” the recycling musical; “Key Changes and Other Disasters” winner of National Association of Cabaret and Club Artists’ Best Revue), original comedies (“Skin Deep” has been produced throughout the US, Canada, Australia and Sweden) and documentaries (“Top of the World,” a film festival favorite detailing a trek to Mt. Everest)
“If you are older than I, thank you for beating the bushes and leaving a trail,” says McCall. “If you are younger than I, think of me as waiting for you on the other side of your mid-life crisis.  If you are my peer, welcome to the Bar Car. Drinks are on the house.”
In All In Good Time McCall asks us to reflect on a journey that is universal but rarely acknowledged. “Once we are ‘evicted from the womb’ we are all on the same trajectory, so why is our mortality the last thing any of us want to discuss or consider?” McCall muses on how we ignore and euphemize aging, especially the female variety, until we arrive on its doorstep. “We dismiss the mileage on our own personal odometers until we reach that tipping point where the future is shorter than the past.”
Video can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/dGrxqp5k1r8
Press Contact: Betsyann Faiella