A Woman of a Certain Age Inquires
Written And Performed By Tulis McCall 

Sunday, DECEMBER 1 at 3:00
Sundays, JANUARY 8, 15, 22, 29 at 3:00
Sundays, FEBRUARY 5, 12, 19, 26 at 3:00

Tulis is crazy…like a fox, and her sly performance offers a frenzy of hard truths and hilarious proclamations….
-The Front Row Center


This funny and gently in-your-face rumination muses on how we ignore and euphemize aging until we reach that tipping point where the future is shorter than the past. “If you are older than I, thank you for beating the bushes and leaving a trail,” says McCall. “If you are younger than I, think of me as waiting for you on the other side of your mid-life crisis.  If you are my peer, welcome to the Bar Car. Drinks are on the house.”
Tulis McCall is an actor, writer, producer and performer. This is her third one-person show.  What Everywoman Knows was produced at the Public Theatre and toured nationally.  Running With Scissors, directed by Philip Proctor of The Firesign Theatre, was produced in Los Angeles.   She is the recipient of the 2015 Best Storytelling Script Award from UNITED SOLO™ for her show All Aboard! Since 2007, she has hosted Monologues and Madness, an evening of original work read by 12-15 actors, each month at the Cornelia Street Café in Greenwich Village. McCall is the creator and editor of the theatre review site that features 20 writers and covers over 500 shows per year.
She thinks the theatre is a temple.  Period.


Address: CORNELIA STREET CAFÉ 29 Cornelia Street, New York, NY
Phone: 212-989-9319


$10 cover plus $10 minimum
Doors open at 2:00 for BRUNCH service.
No food service during performance.


“I don’t think I am in the obvious target market for a show called Are You Serious?A Woman Of A Certain Age Inquires, but I can tell you I was completely entertained by the brilliant and totally unique thinker Tulis McCall. She has an energy and presence that women (or anyone) not of a certain age will come away aspiring to. The evening was at times hilarious and at others, touching and provocative. I could not have enjoyed it more! Robert Creighton creator and star of Cagney The Musical
Robert Creighton

Creator and Star of Cagney The Musical

Folks, I am speechless ….and for those of you who know me, that does not happen very often. So, in short let me just say….if you want the PERFECT antidote for what we have all been going through these past few weeks, I implore you to go and see the beautiful Tulis McCall and her brilliant one woman show. My God!! Talk about putting your life and everything else back into perspective. I came out of there a changed person. It was as hilarious as it was thought provoking. Right now there are (sadly) only two more chances to see her. God-willing, someone will pick this up and give it the extended run it so desperately deserves.

I thought you did a masterful acting job, and the writing was insightful, crisp and witty.  It’s clear that you’re an experienced and talented theater professional.  You are comfortable in your body and use it completely.  Your voice too is a wonderful tool in your kit that you use in its full range.  Brava.
It was a real treat to watch you last night, but more than that, I felt like you were speaking what I think and feel.  Getting older is a bitch that no one prepares you for and that happens in the fucking blink of an eye.  I had a great aunt who had Alzheimer’s and died at age 100, 24 years ago.  When she was about 85 and just starting the long slide into unknowingness she told me one morning that she was in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw an old lady.  She was startled and looked around to see who it was and then realized it was her.  She was very confused.  “How can I be old? I don’t feel any different than I did when I was 25!”  I know what she means now.  Thank you for giving us WCA’s a voice.

“… the spectacular Tulis McCall… dives into the questions that no one wants to talk about: aging, and even worse, death. Are You Serious? is built on decades of musing… frank, funny, and refreshingly honest, tackling tough topics and taking the audience on a verbal roller coaster ride …”
Austin Fimmano

Plays to See

Listen too closely to Tulis McCall’s hilarious and wise words about the pains of growing older, and you risk overlooking the wonderful physical comedy that accompanies them. Two parts agita and one-part Hokey Pokey, that’s what it’s all about.

It is a shame that our world, and specifically, our city, habitually turns its constant, unwavering appreciative eye to young dew-fresh women and often skips over those lined, bruised and wiser women beyond the age of twenty-nine.  Tulis McCall mines the decades of her feminine experience, puts her whole self in the resulting spotlight for examination and pulls up gold.  This could be the start of an overdue revolution.

I just adored last night and you! You are such an amazing writer, performer observer of the human condition. I was having a blast and then I cried. I bounced my way to the subway.

You set the stage ON FIRE!!  You kicked some major BUTT!!  And by the by, everyone around me felt the same way I did.


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