Appearing for two nearly sold out shows at the United Solo Festival, Tulis McCall proved scintillating. She provided non-stop laughter, chortles and guffaws throughout All in Good Time.
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McCall’s one woman show Are You Serious?, running Sundays through the end of March at the Cornelia Street Café (where it has been charming audiences since late 2016), is a tale of standing in your truth while looking backwards and forwards, balancing regret with blow jobs and orgasms and periods and being invisible. The 50-minute monologue explores the middle age shift in the universe while she lives through it, becoming a woman people don’t notice or ask or pay attention to or care about. Read More

Martha Wade Steketee

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Tulis McCall’s one-woman show Are You Serious? — A Woman of a Certain Age Inquires is one of those rare gems you come across in theatre. Her show is a 50-minute look at the inevitable passing of time and how she found herself unprepared to be a woman of a certain age, or WCA. McCall is hilarious and thoughtful, with a brutal honesty that makes you sit up and notice. I wasn’t the only one who walked away with a bit of a changed outlook on life. Not only is she a WCA, but also a passionate and strong playwright and performer not to be missed! Read More

Susan Bell

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Listen too closely to Tulis McCall’s hilarious and wise words about the pains of growing older, and you risk overlooking the wonderful physical comedy that accompanies them. Two parts agita and one-part Hokey Pokey, that’s what it’s all about. Read More


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Seated on a bar stool on a bare stage, drink in hand, Tulis McCall is “At Your Service” in a wise‑cracking, truth‑telling Public Service Announcement about aging gracefully (well, hopefully). “You know you’re getting older when you look at old photos of your parents and think ‘Wow, they were young’; then you look at old photos of yourself and think the same thing…” she says. “I have my father’s nose. I have my mother’s lips – none.” Read More

Kia Standard

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At one point McCall tells us her favorite bedtime reading is the Oxford English Dictionary. Not implausible. What she does with a single sentence – words, tone, and countenance has the eloquence of faces on Charles Schulltz drawing….Having observed everyday occurrences with the gimlet eye of a storyteller, she stands before us stripped bare and merciless against walk-around politesse. Why must I be preoccupied with this, she questions, what happened to hopes and dreams? “All in Good Time” was directed by Jon Lonoff. Together they have created a seamlessly natural, extremely personal, highly affecting piece. Read More

Alix Cohen

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And then there is the spectacular Tulis McCall, whose show also dives into the questions that no one wants to talk about: aging, and even worse, death. Are You Serious? (A Woman of a Certain Age Inquires) is built on decades of musing: aren’t we all really just eight-year-olds walking around, pretending like we know how to be adults? Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about death when surely it’s on our minds all the time? Are You Serious? is frank, funny, and refreshingly honest, tackling tough topics and taking the audience on a verbal roller coaster ride that feels both familiar and terrifying. Read More

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